Korean Iron Girl

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Girl Fight Story vol.3 BJ's Battle!!


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Running time : 62minutes
Price : 28 $
English, Japanese subtitle available

Another instalment in the epic Girl Fight Story series that gives BJ a whole new meaning! In Korea, Broadcast Jockeys (BJs) are big business, as sexy, attractive girls sing, chat and entertain their loyal Internet audience in their battle to rule the BJ Ratings.

BJ Bunny, with her dark hair, slim body and innocent smile, is the undisputed Queen of the BJs. But lately, a younger girl, BJ A-Me, has been stealing her audience with her svelte body, sultry performances and sexy dance moves. A-Me is not stopping there. She wants BJ Bunny's crown, and she's wiling to do anything to get to the top, including seducing the boss of the network into engineering the ratings a little.

As Bunny's ratings fall behind A-Me, the veteran girl smells a rat. When her pleas to the boss fall on deaf ears, tempers flare between the two BJs. Bunny challenges A-Me to a catfight, but the young upstart takes it one step further - a "Live" battle for their viewers. Loser quits!

With the Web cameras rolling, the BJs settle it old school Korean style, in a back-and-forth barefoot catfight to the bitter finish! Bunny starts in camo boy shorts and top, while A-Me opts for a white one piece swimsuit. But the gals are soon topless as it becomes clear that both are out to not only make each other quit, but to dish out a good humiliation. as one girl is made to scream her surrender over and over to the Web audience.

It's all here - Boston Crabs, Double Toe Leglocks, Sharpshooters, Matchbook Pins and a cruel Argentine Backbreaker that has to be seen to be believed!!! Will the veteran BJ Bunny pull out a vicious victory? Or will the newcomer A-Me assassinate her to be Queen? Find out! Get your copy now!

Face sitting, pussy grabbing, breast mauling, spanking, Tied up, belly punching, schoolgirl pin, Boston crab, camel clutch, and Argentina backbreaker, .... such a favorate hold of wrestling for you, the Christmas present for the catfight fans.

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