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Girl Fight Story vol.2 The Love triangle


Amami Haruka (Japanese)
I-Na (Korean)

The Ultimate in Korean Apartment Catfighting is back! Girl Fight Story Volume 2 - The Love Triangle.

Adding extra spice is a vicious rivalry between two girls, one Korean and one Japanese!
Businesswoman I-Na lives happily with her man in Korea. But his old flame from Tokyo comes to visit, and tensions rise. While I-Na is out to work, the Japanese temptress seduces her man.

When I-Na returns early from work to find them in bed, I-Na realises her rival is here to take back the man she lost. The sparks explode as they settle their rivalry as only women can - in a sexy, intimate, vicious catfight on the living room floor.

Everything is here for the catfighting fan - face sitting, pussy grabbing, breast mauling, spanking, schoolgirl pins, Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches as the girls go from lingerie to topless. Best of all, one girl is left beaten and broken, screaming her submission, and forced to give up her man's bed.

The winner takes her man to bed - but there's another twist in the tale! An ending - and a sexy rematch -that has to be seen to be believed!!! Hell hath no fury like Asian women scorned! Get your digital copy - NOW!

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Download Clip - (HD)Girl Fight Story Vol.2
(HD)Girl Fight Story Vol.2
  • Length : 81 mins
  • Price : $28.00 US


Download Clip - (KR)Girl Fight Story vol.2
(KR)Girl Fight Story vol.2
  • Length : 81 mins
  • Price : $28.00 US



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