Korean Iron Girl

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Sae-bom's revenge round.3 Lezbattle


Sae-bom, has a lovely face with voluptuous body, became strongest catfighter in Korean catfight scene. but she was no exception to be lost and humiliated in her debut match.

The only girl who defeat and humiliate Saebom was Ha-neul, who came back last month.
Ha-neul, looks weak, has slender body but has highly winning rate by her skilled move, finally accepted revenge match with Sae-bom!

Sae-bom, who was bigger thirsty for revenge, deafeted her old foe Ha-neul.
but she don't feel satisfied but need to totally dominate&possess her by forcing orgasm!
Don't miss the last, hottest match of all naked Korean babes who don't lose their last prides!

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Download Clip - Sae-bom's revenge round.3 Lezbattle
Sae-bom's revenge round.3 Lezbattle
  • Length : 32 mins
  • Price : $14.00 US



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